Documentary Location Establishers 

A common request in the world of documentary filmmaking when it comes to Drone Cinematography is the need for the perfect establishing shot. Cityscapes, infrastructure, neighborhoods, and wide vistas to set the scene for the story. Here's a collection of some of my favorite establishers I lensed for a recent documentary production that filmed across the United States over a 3 week period.  

2023 Updates

2023 has been off to a bang. The highlight so far was filming drone footage for a documentary on feeding astronauts during deep space travel for Channel News Asia (in which I was also a story producer and director of photography). Here is a little reel which includes other shots from documentary, commercial and a few personal favorites thrown in. 

DJI Mini 3 Pro

Was fortunate to get my hands on a DJI Mini 3 Pro. While I didn't expect much from a "pocket drone" I have been blown away with the 10 bit color. These three shots were filmed from my back yard pointing in three different directions about 45 minutes before sundown. The f1.8 lens does excellent in low light conditions. Color graded with the stock DJI Rec709 correction lut. 

I am looking forward to putting this little drone through the rigors of professional work. 

Nice job, DJI! 


See how one North Carolina public charter school kept their students connected for remote learning using hotspots from UScellular. Working with the great folks at the Town of Tarboro was a pleasure, helping me to secure locations all over the county. 

Eyes From The Skies

We're just getting started. Here's a little sample of motion images shot in various areas around Western Pennsylvania. 

Video shot and Edited by : Joe Serkoch

Sound design by : Jesse Colaizzi 

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