Stacking Multiple Exposures

If the conditions are correct, stack those images! This snap of America’s (and Pittsburgh’s) favorite ketchup factory is a prime example of what can be achieved when stacking a bracketed exposure.  For this image, there were areas of the image that were extremely bright and there were areas that fell into a dark shadow. In order to create a balanced exposure, 5 images were taken. A optimum exposure (or center exposure) with 2 images pushing into overexposure (to bring details out of the shadows) and 2 images pushing into underexposure (to preserve the details the sky) Stacking and aligning these images together will produce an image with pleasing dynamic range from corner to corner. 

I mentioned using stacking when “conditions are correct” so what conditions are not? If the subject matter contains moving objects (cars, boats, waves, flags) then stacking will reduce some pretty crazy (and unpleasing) effects. Sharpness is reduced and strange artifacts are introduced. 

Capturing and editing this image this evening inspired me to spread the word on the benefits of the stacked image. When used tastefully and in the right conditions the results can be pure magic. 

Podcast Interview - All About Being a New Pilot

I didn’t expect to be invited to be a guest on a podcast, ever. Especially a podcast about drones and myself being a new drone pilot and all. But, it happened… and it’s was FUN! The podcast is called The Drone Trainer and it focuses on interviews with professional drone pilots all over the world. I am an avid podcast listener and stumbled across The Drone Trainer and found the host to be extremely casual and also very informative. I subscribed immediately. I loved how the information was delivered without being pretentious. When you are learning a new skill, I think that the early days of the journey are where you are most vulnerable. If you run into the wrong group, are treated as a person who knows nothing and are not encouraged to ask questions it can derail your progress pretty quickly. The Drone Trainer was perfect for me. 

After sending the host a message I was invited to join in on a Monday night Zoom meeting with about 25 other pilots were a number of industry related questions were discussed. I was even able to join in on the group and provide some perspective on video codecs. I reached out to the moderator and thanked him for the invite. After seeing a few of my images on the website and instagram he reached out and asked if I would like to be a guest! 

So, yesterday was the day. We talked for about an hour and a half covering topics like the FAA Part 107 Test, photography and videography, running a small business, insurance, safety and more. I really enjoyed the whole process and am really excited to share it when it is released in a few weeks. 

If you are a drone pilot and are looking for a good place to learn more about the industry, check out The Drone Trainer at

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